Create Meaningful Customer Segments
Predict customer trends before they happen with Zodiac’s unparalleled segmentation tools.
Dynamic Deep Segmentation Options

Anticipate future trends on everything from spending to loyalty, and adjust your strategies far in advance.

Use Zodiac’s pre-designed customer segments to analyze your customer base on an individualized basis.

Create your own customer segments based on lifetime value insights, demographic data, behavioral characteristics, and more.

See problems before they start: identify customer segments that need attention by tracking segment-level CLV over time.

Track the Performance of Any Segment or Individual Over Time

Use existing data to predict expected transactions, sales, and profits far into the future.

Customers Not in Top 20%: $11.5M
Customers in Top 20%: $14.75M

Total Customer Equity by Top 20 Pct Future Sales Baskets

Customers Not in Top 20%: $163
Customers in Top 20%: $480

Average CLV by Top 20 Pct Future Sales Baskets

Frequency Forecasts: Project the number of purchases a customer will make over any time period.

Spending Forecasts: Predict the total dollar amount a customer will spend over any timeframe.

Profit Forecasts: Anticipate future profits from any individual over their customer lifetime.

Advanced Segmentation: Use lifetime value data to create groups and segments from individual customers, gaining a deeper understanding of their future buying behaviors.

Want to get a “reading” from Zodiac? Talk to us about running a pilot with existing data so we can show you just how accurate our models are.

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