Customer Retention

Optimize Your Retention Strategies with Future Customer Lifetime Value

Pinpoint your highest and lowest lifetime value customers across every segment so you know where to direct your spend and efforts.
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Get Unprecedented Insights into Your Customer Segments

Zodiac automatically segments your entire customer base using Future Customer Lifetime Value so you can execute targeted retention strategies.

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Go Deeper with Advanced Customer Segmentation Options

Divide your customer base into micro-segments based on characteristics derived from their customer lifetime value.

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High Value Customers: Split by frequency and basket size: Keep your high-frequency buyers happy with consistent messaging, and time your retargeting carefully to avoid annoying seasonal buyers, infrequent shoppers, and resellers.

Medium Value Customers: Split by probability of churn: Reduce churn by identifying less active buyers and reaching out with targeted promotions.

Lowest Value Customers: Split by potential value: Offer your best promotions to customers with the highest potential lifetime value.

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Execute on Segment Insights

Once you have retrieved your predictive data, you can act on it with Zodiac’s integrated toolsets, which include Facebook, Google, marketing automation, and business intelligence capabilities.

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Apply additional attributes (app or content downloads, loyalty program participation, demographics, etc.) to retarget any segment.

Find “Falling Angels” (declining high-value customers) and re-engage them before they churn.

Find “Underachievers” who could be spending more according to those with a similar persona.

Retarget potential customers when they are in the market for a purchase.

Seamlessly integrate Zodiac’s CLV data into your CRM or BI tool to streamline workflow. Automatically populate retargeting lists for export into any campaign system.

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