Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Predict the Future Value of Individual Customers
Zodiac can give you unmatched insights into the future of your business using simple transaction data.
Get Forward-Looking Business Insights

Forget your old historical customer spending averages and find your most valuable customers in real time using individualized, predictive customer lifetime value.

Identify high-value customers; retain them; and find more like them.

Inform your marketing budget and strategies with customer behavior forecasts for every size segment, even down to the individual.

Create highly accurate sales projections.

Fine-tune retargeting campaigns to reach the highest value customers.

Predict the Future

Zodiac’s breakthrough consumer behavior models can help you make today’s business decisions based on tomorrow’s actions.

12+ Months: $1.3M
3-12 Months: $3.1M
Last Three Months: $8.75M

Remaining Customer Equity By Purchase Recency

12+ Months: $25
3-12 Months: $101
Last Three Months: $904

Average zCLV By Purchase Recency

Predict the next time any customer will purchase again and plan your retention strategies accordingly.

Identify individuals with high potential lifetime value and upsell them.

Measure the LTV of your entire customer base, even as existing customers churn and new customers are acquired.

Want to get a “reading” from Zodiac? Talk to us about running a pilot with existing data so we can show you just how accurate our models are.

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