Predict and Prevent Churn Before it Happens
We’ll identify which of your customers are on the verge of churning and help you keep them.
Advanced Churn Forecasting

Find out which customers are in danger of leaving and take action.

Identify Churn Trends: Lifetime value insights help you track customers who are likely to churn, keying in on factors like low probability of activity over your selected time period.

Proactive Targeting: Identify customers who are decreasing in their predicted future value and re-engage them.

Benchmark Improvements: See how your customers’ future lifetime values increase as a result of your retention activities.

Pre-emptive Churn Response

Use Zodiac to start winning back customers before they’ve left.

Start a winback campaign for customers with the highest risk of churn to incentivize them to come back.

Export lists of customers who are likely to churn from Zodiac into your campaign system for easy execution.

Create and track the performance of marketing campaigns directed specifically at customer segments of those most likely to churn.

Want to get a “reading” from Zodiac? Talk to us about running a pilot with existing data so we can show you just how accurate our models are.

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