Cheap Pizza and Cheap Customers- Why You Should Stay Away from Both

“Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s better.” This is the tagline highlighted in one of Papa John’s latest commercials. The company is taking aim in a clever way at competitors such as Domino’s that [...]

When Will Retailers Wake Up and Smell the CLV?

Most retailers I speak with complain about Amazon eating their lunch. Their typical response? To engage in lightweight “customer-focused” activities like "Hey, let's do a customer experience campaign!” Or “Let's rearrange the store!” It’s almost [...]

How Customer Lifetime Value Can Help Solve the Crisis of Marketing Credibility

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. The accusatory cry of “fake news!” has been echoing around the country, whether it’s the president railing against mainstream news networks or everyday people coming across sensational stories [...]

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