Is That Multi-Billion Dollar Company Valuation On Target? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Zodiac's Co-Founder & Chief Statistician shows how customer-based company valuation can differentiate unicorns from unwise investments by analyzing Blue Apron's addiction to acquisition.

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Sending Marketing Back to the Future: Comparing Attribution Modeling and Customer Lifetime Value

The growth in popularity of marketing analytics has led to an explosion of new metrics that (supposedly) capture the effectiveness of marketing activities. But we don’t drive in our rearview mirrors, so why do marketers dwell over what’s already behind them?

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Shifting the Goalposts: Reorienting a Company’s Objectives Around Customer Centricity

When it comes to achieving business growth that is both authentic and sustainable, shift the goalposts from traditional revenue-centric metrics by redefining corporate success around a strategy of Customer Centricity and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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