What We Do:

Zodiac has adapted decades of research on customer lifetime value (CLV) into a cloud-based software platform. We use proven data models, customer analytics, and behavioral analysis to predict the future behaviors of individuals, rather than simply assuming past trends and averages will continue across the board (because they never do!).

Customer Lifetime Value

We’ll help you find out how much each customer will spend, which customers will purchase again, and when they are likely to churn—all based on raw sales data. Our goal is to enable marketers to use to optimize campaigns, improve sales forecasting, acquire and retain higher value customers, and eliminate wasteful spend by concentrating efforts where success is more likely.

What is CLV?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Formula

How We’re Different

Existing Solutions

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No prediction on how customers will behave in the future, only backward-looking and reactive.

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Specific Predictions of Future Behavior
Number of purchases, basket size, churn probabilities on individual customer level

Same CLV for every customer & segment, group customers by RFM.

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Individual Estimates
Allows micro-segmentation and analysis of CLV distribution for customer base

Unknown and potentially complex data requirements and integration.

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Very Little Data Required
Only historical transaction log, for more accurate fit and easier integration


Just your typical bunch of stats PhDs sitting around constructing mathematical models of human behavior.

Artem is the co-founder and CEO of Zodiac. He is passionate about the potential of using data to improve strategic decision-making and business operations. Previously, Artem was an investor at companies including Goldman Sachs, 3G Capital, and Highbridge Capital where he focused on identifying investment opportunities arising from industries undergoing structural change, companies facing complex situations, and disruptive technologies.
Peter is the world’s thought leader in customer lifetime value. His research and mathematical models are valued by start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. He is a graduate of MIT, professor at the Wharton School, and has more than 25 years’ experience as a consultant to many of the world’s leading brands across many industries.
Dan recently received his PhD in Statistics from the Wharton School with a thesis on customer-based corporate valuation. He is also data scientist in residence at the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative and advisor to Two Six Capital. Dan graduated summa cum laude from the Wharton and Engineering Schools of the University of Pennsylvania.
Venu is a Vice President at Zodiac, where he leads strategy, business development and client success. Previously, Venu was a Principal at Applied Predictive Technologies (APT). At APT, he led client engagements at leading companies in the retail, restaurant, manufacturing, services and technology industries. Venu holds a B.S. in Economics, summa cum laude, from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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