Zodiac uses behavioral data to provide predictive customer insights. We help you identify who your best customers will be, retain them, and find more like them. 
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What is Zodiac?

Zodiac is a software platform that uses customer analytics and predictive behavioral models to take your simple transaction logs and forecast an expected revenue stream for each individual customer. All you need to do is grab the insights from our user-friendly interface and run with them.

See the Future; Act Now:

Build profiles of your best customers, and find more like them.
Identify customers that are likely to churn and win them back.
Budget Optimization
Focus your marketing budget on your most profitable customers.
Sales Forecasting
Accurately predict future sales volumes and trends by segment and by individual customer.

Software Integrations

Zodiac feeds predictive customer-centric insights into a variety of platforms you already have in place so you can take immediate action.
E-Commerce Platforms
Customer Lifetime Value Software Integrations - OnlineAds

No need to worry about downloading and uploading CSV files or messy data transfers—we can plug in to your existing e-commerce system.

Email & Marketing Automation
Customer Lifetime Value Software Integrations - Email & Marketing Automation

Export an email list based on the data insights identified by the Zodiac platform and take action immediately.

Digital & Social Ads
Customer Lifetime Value Software Integrations - Digital & Social Ads

Find “lookalike” audiences using predictive lifetime value, allowing you to target new prospects who are similar to your best customers within a few clicks.

Business Intelligence
Zodiac Metrics - Customer Lifetime Value Software - Integrations

Already using a BI platform? No need to go elsewhere to get your Zodiac insights.

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Want to get a “reading” from Zodiac? Talk to us about running a pilot with existing data so we can show you just how accurate our models are.

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