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Find out how Zodiac can help retailers keep their best customers and find more like them.

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What is Zodiac?

Zodiac helps organizations build more profitable customer bases and optimize business decisions by predicting customer profitability.

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The Zodiac Platform


This, in combination with our hands-on support and consultative services, allows organizations to drive immediate, tangible value.

Customer Value

See who your most valuable customers are.

Purchase Frequency

Know when each customer is most likely to purchase again.

Basket Size

Estimate how much each customer is likely to spend.

Recommended Actions

Understand what steps to take to make it all happen.


Benefits for Marketing
Benefits for Finance
Benefits for Data Science

Why Zodiac?


Consultation from the team that literally wrote the book on lifetime value prediction

Powerful Platform

Provides accurate customer valuation, segmentation, targeting, and forecasting


Rapid time to value, with flexible integrations and metrics that can be used across the business


Unparalleled accuracy of predictions, with granularity down to the customer level and forecast validity for the whole customer base

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Want to get a “reading” from Zodiac? Talk to us about running a pilot with existing data so we can show you just how accurate our models are.

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