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Predictive, Individualized Customer Lifetime Value

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Zodiac is a predictive analytics solution built on the breakthrough consumer behavior models developed by Wharton School Professor Peter Fader. Zodiac accurately forecasts individualized customer lifetime value, based on real-time sales data, so marketers can implement precise acquisition and retention strategies.

See Your Customers For What They Really Are: Individuals

Make informed marketing decisions based on each customer's projected future lifetime value.

Focus Your Budget On Your Highest-Margin Opportunities.

It's fine to love all your customers. But shouldn't you love the most profitable ones a little more than the rest?

Raise Your Forecasting Ability To "Uncanny."

Accurately predict future sales volumes and trends by segment and by individual customer.

Easy To Integrate

If you can export sales data, you can use Zodiac. Just drop in date, dollar value and customer ID - Zodiac handles the rest.

Zodiac tracks CLV insights including customer distribution by value, attributes over time and progress towards goal.

Drill down by acquisition channel to see where the highest-value customers originated and understand each channel’s relative impact.

Test campaigns against micro-segments to retain best customers, win back stragglers and get maximum value from marketing efforts.

"As American Apparel makes a transformation shift to become data driven and customer centric, having individualized predictive CLV is a must. We'll leverage Zodiac as one of the key metrics for deciding who to target in campaigns and evaluating how effective those campaigns are at increasing customer value."
-Thoryn Stephens, Chief Digital Officer
"We are growing fast right now. Zodiac helps me make sure my new customers are as high quality as my best customers. We use their zCLV forecasts to segment, profile and target our acquisition and retention programs."
-Alvin Glay, Director Digital Marketing

Unmatched Deep-Dive

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Built from the ground up by our team of customer lifetime value (CLV) researchers, our breakthrough consumer behavior models forecasts future actions for every single individual in your customer base. Anticipate future trends on everything from spending to loyalty, and adjust your strategies far in advance.

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"Zodiac gives me the power to segment customers by predictive CLV, which is a better way to optimize my marketing spend and drive deeper customer engagement."
-Sandi Michels, VP of Consumer Insight
"Zodiac are true experts in CLV forecasting. Their predictive tool is highly accurate, and they have provided actionable insights on the long-term value of our customers."
-Alexandra Idol, Ecommerce Marketing